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Critical illness

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

It is very normal, if you think that as the income provider to your family, you need to protect yourself to protect your family. You are very much correct, this shall always be your 1st priority in terms of protection. But lets think for a minute, what can go wrong if something happens to lives most dependent on us i.e. our children. You may not want to even think about the possibility of your child becoming critically ill, but what if it does happens?

Do you have financial resources to cope with it?

Do you have freedom to leave your job and focus on your child’s recovery?

Can you possibly find the best possible doctor to cure your child?

Let me give you 5 reasons to help you understand, why to buy Critical Illness Insurance for your Kids?


1. Protects you Child


Children Critical Illness protection plan pays a lump sum benefit if an insured child is diagnosed with one of 24 critical illness insured conditions, including 5 insured childhood-related conditions. This Lump sum money helps you get best possible treatment for child anywhere in the world.


2. Provide Best Doctors™ Inc. Services:


If the insured child is diagnosed with one of the critical illness insured conditions named in the policy, then following the submission of a critical illness insurance claim, most of the insurance companies we represent, provide access to the services of Best Doctors, Inc.


This service Includes:


A. InterConsultation™

Provides an in-depth review of the insured child’s medical records, personalized medical evaluation and treatment recommendations from specialists affiliated with leading medical institutions throughout the world to help the insured child’s treating physician determine the proper course of action.


B. FindBestDoc™

Provides the names and professional profiles of up to 3 top specialists, based on geographic preference for the insured child, who have been identified by other doctors as the “best” for treating the insured child’s condition.


C. FindBestCare®

Assistance with medical appointments and monitoring of the treatment process to help ensure that the insured child’s medical priorities are met.

As not all critical illness policies are the same, it is important to seek out professional advice and guidance in choosing your policy. We can help.

3. Protects your Income


To take care of your child at this stage, you will need to take time off work. You can decide to stop working, but can’t stop your monthly bills. Mortgage, Car Installment, utility bills etc. will still keep coming. Lump Sum money will help you not worry about these bill and focus on your child’s recovery.


4. Get all your premiums back


The policy expires on the anniversary nearest the insured child’s 25th birthday. If your child remains healthy till that time, you can get 100% of your eligible premiums back. Lump Sum money is always good, you may want to put into a fund for them or use it as you want.


5. Conversion Option when the Policy Expires


The policy expires on the anniversary nearest the insured child’s 25th birthday. The policy owner may apply to convert all or a portion of the coverage 2 months before the child turns 25 without underwriting to a critical illness insurance policy available for conversion.

This policy is not meant to make you rich, it is meant to protect your child in the event they get critically ill. This lump sum money gives you those options to cure them, which otherwise you can’t think for.

Our Children are precious to us, protect them today.


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