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Leveraging in Nutshell:

Nutshell Are you concerned your investment plan isn’t going to get you where you want to be quickly enough? Perhaps you’ve made a good start at saving for the future but you still feel you’re not getting there fast enough. Maybe you’ve focused instead on paying down your mortgage or simply started investing later in life and now you wish you could make up for lost time. Or perhaps you just don’t want to keep working 9 to 5 until you’re 65 years old.

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Protecting your Identity from being stolen :

Identity Theft Imagine this. You swipe your debit card at one of your favorite stores or place a credit card order over the internet with a trusted retailer. A couple of months later, you start to notice strange charges appearing on your monthly statements. Bills arrive in the mail for accounts you never set up. Collection agencies are on the phone demanding that you pay debt you never incurred. You are turned down for a line of credit application you thought would be a routine approval. It starts to sink in that you may be a victim of identity theft.

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10 Tips for making good Credit history :

Credit History Credit History is something which is of extreme importance in Canadian Economy. In simple words, It provides any lender your brief history of your spending and paying habits. A good credit rating goes a long way to helping you obtain credit and determining the rate you receive. Your rating is not established by the government or by financial institutions - it is established by you. Learn how you can establish your credit history & improve your credit score.

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Investing on a regular basis can boost your RRSP savings:

RRSP Savings Many people remember about RRSP only when they are filing their taxes and are in the habit of depositing lumsum to save taxes. Their only focus is to save taxes, but many a times forget the main reason behind this government backed program that is much more then saving taxes. There are a couple of reasons why you would want to invest in your RRSP on a monthly basis rather than wait until the end of the year.

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Mortgage Vs RRSP, where to park your $$$’s:

Mortgage Vs RRSP Many of my clients have raised this questions again and again, as they understand that both are important. They know they should maximize their RRSPs, but they are also highly motivated to repay their mortgage -- the biggest debt of their lives. This document can be a great help to them, in deciding on which way is the best way.

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Real Estate for Investment:

Real Estate for Investment Many people realize late in life that best way to create wealth is diversification of their portfolio of investment. This diversification doesn’t only involves buying different stocks & bonds but also buying Investment realestate for income & profit. Over last many decades, this is the way people have created and secured wealth from generations to generations. Nothing have changed still, people are still making money by investing in real estate.

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Tax Savings Tips:

Tax Savings Tips Everyone wants to save taxes but do not understand that it takes more then hiring a qualified accountant. There are many things you need to understand yourself, so that you can do things in a more tax efficient manner and not just expect your accountant to do miracles. Disability amount transferred from other dependantUnused disability amounts from a dependant may be transferred to you under certain circumstances.

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Mortgage Planning & Wealth Creation:

Sundeep Babbar Remember, this is a long term strategy which requires regular guidance on each phase of this strategy implementation by a professional expert in that specific field. There is a lot of preparation & work involved to make things happen the right way. This can create a negative financial impact if not done under proper financial guidance not this strategy is meant for everyone. Call me set up a one on one consultation with me to understand, if this strategy is for you or not. I am always on standby for my existing customers.

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Taking tax advantages of Planned Giving:

Sundeep Babbar Gift planning can improve a donor’s financial position, and can allow many people to make a bigger impact than they ever thought possible. With sound financial planning, gifts of this nature enable the donor to enjoy a tax advantage, while making a significant difference in their community. Download this document to understand how Life Insurance used for Planned Giving makes a significant difference in the overall tax burden of an individual.

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Why making a Will is Important?

Sundeep Babbar For many Canadians, writing a will is far from the top of a busy to-do list. After all, contemplating and planning for your own demise is never a pleasant exercise. Yet it’s of all of us must face at some time in our lives, and there are a number of good reasons why Canadians shouldn’t procrastinate when it comes to writing their will – especially when you consider how little it costs and the benefits that result from what can be a relatively simple task.

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