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Membership Benefits

This is an excellent benefit package which can be all yours by taking ANY ONE eligible insurance product under this program.

When you buy a product under this program you automatically become a member of this program. Your membership gives you access to a variety of Member Benefits. These Member Benefits go beyond life insurance or financial services: they're really about taking care of each other in times of need. These added benefits provide more security for your family and can offer wonderful value.

Member Benefits packages vary depending on the type of product you purchase and when you became a member as Member Benefits change and evolve over time as well.

The following are some of the Member Benefits available to eligible members as in year 2008:

Critical Illness Member Benefit
If you are diagnosed with certain critical illnesses, such as life threatening cancer, a heart attack, a stroke, or multiple sclerosis, you may be eligible to receive a financial grant of $4,000. This benefit could ease your family's financial hardship or help pay for unexpected medical expenses at this time.

Competitive Scholarship Member Benefit
The Scholarship Program offers 350 scholarships worth up to $8,000 ($2,000 per year, for up to four years), to cover expenses related to post-secondary education, for which students of any age may apply with grades from 65% (Canada) or 2.5 (US). This program may also reward Five applicants who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and extraordinary effort and ability to overcome adversity in the amount of $5000 in the first academic year ($2000 per year thereafter).

Orphans Scholarships Member Benefit
The Orphan Scholarships benefit potentially provides a different scholarship opportunity in the unfortunate event that one parent or both parents are deceased.

Young Family Member Benefit
Ensuring your children are taken care of is one of your most important concerns. This benefit pays $300 per month per child to the legal guardian for children under 18 years of age in the event of the death of both parents.

Terminal Illness Member Benefit
An interest-free loan is provided for any insured individual in the benefit member’s family who becomes terminally ill. The total loan can be up to 75% of the Net Face Amount of the Foresters life insurance you own and the loan will be repaid from the insurance proceeds payable upon the insured's death.

This is an excellent membership benefit package. Contact me today to get complete details on this program.  Remember these benefits extend to you and your spouse and your children as well.


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