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Movings to Canada? This section provides you lot's of helpful information

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Assuring financial wellbeing for your and your loved ones - annual travel health medical insurance, cheap family travel insurance
We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best and most innovative insurance programs available. After an extensive search we have partnered with Manulife Financial Affinity Markets - National Sales to provide a wide variety of travel Insurance plans.  Click on the link below to get a personalized instant online quote for best plan specific to your needs. 

visitors insurance Canada

New Immigrants, Tourists, international students and other visitors to Canada need visitors medical health insurance plans to protect against unexpected medical costs in case of medical emergency.

Visitors to Canada
The Canadian health care system is one of the best in the world, but it is expensive if you do not have insurance coverage. Without emergency medical coverage you would pay a lot of money out of your own pocket, as hospitals can charge thousands of dollars per day. Residents of Canada have medical coverage under their provincial health plans, whereas visitors are not having any such protection.

New immigrants to Canada
New immigrants to Canada must wait for some time (normally three months for provinces British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec) before being covered by a provincial health plan. Till they get their provincial coverage they need to protect themselves through private insurance for emergency medical.

Click on the link below to get a personalized instant online quote for best plan specific to your needs. 

How much would medical care cost you if you or your family became injured or ill during your trip outside your province anywhere in the world? How would you pay for these unexpected expenses? How much would it cost you if you needed to cancel your trip or come home early?

Residents of Canada have medical coverage under their provincial health plans. When they travel outside of their province they need a coverage as well. Click on the link below to get a personalized instant online quote for best plan specific to your needs. 

Some Important Aspects of Travel Insurance
The term travel insurance policy or holiday insurance policy is invariably associated with an image of securing an excursion or travel from unpremeditated expenses. If you can manage to buy cheap travel insurance before leaving Canada, it will provide you a full proof protection against emergencies during travel and will offer money to meet diverse types of unplanned expenses. You can either choose multi trip travel insurance or single trip travel insurance depending on the duration of your travel and other facts. It has become a trend among international travelers to obtain cheap family travel insurance before venturing out, as a travel insurance policy covers myriad types of unplanned expenses that may pop up during travel.

Before choosing a travel insurance policy, you need to compare travel insurance quotes and rates of different travel insurance companies. Try to sort out the advantages and the disadvantages of different travel insurance policies if you want to grab the best travel insurance policy of Canada. People who travel two or three times in a year should opt for annual travel insurance policy as oppose to a single trip policy. Apart from offering better value, annual travel insurance policy also offers maximum level of protection against accidents and expenses during travel. People with hectic schedule may apply for online travel insurance, as it is remarkably free from hassles and unnecessary complexities. Besides offering different types of insurance policies for the people of Canada, we at Financial Wellbeing are also offering insurance for visitors to Canada.

Now you can indulge your love of travel without worrying about your health insurance every time you take a trip. Term travel Insurance provides you travel medical insurance upto age 80 without the hassles of getting new policy every time you travel, which you may or may not get…..depending on your health condition at the time of application.


Term Travel Insurance is One policy that covers you upto age 80 for upto lifetime maximum of 5 Million dollars with zero deductible of emergency medical, for any number of 30-day trips (as long as you have valid provincial government health insurance). Also provides a guaranteed eligibility for top-up for trips more then 30 days.


Buy Term travel Insurance while you are young & healthy, as your premiums are based on your age and health condition, when you apply. You could realize a huge savings regardless of your health status when you’re older. Plus, every 10 consecutive years that you remain claim-free, you’ll are eligible to get 50% of your premiums back.


Buy now for all the above reasons – the ultimate in travel medical insurance


(*) Only available through written application. Contact us to get your estimate.

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Find the best travel insurance quotes from visitors insurance and other travel insurance policy provider of Toronto, Ontario etc. Find cheap online term travel insurance in Canada from the reputed term travel insurance provider of Mississauga, Canada.

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